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Welcome to the Ecology of Riparian Ecosystems Research Group

The Ecology of Riparian Ecosystems Research Group investigates the inter-relationships between the terrestrial and aquatic environments on the functioning of both compartments, evaluating how their physical and biological structure influence each other, and how the flow of energy and materials contribute to the structure of these systems. We also study how variation at different spatial scales influence patterns and processes related to the functioning of riparian ecosystems by incorporating local and landscape scales, to integrate complete studies at the watershed level. In restoration ecology, we study the environmental filters for the establishment of tree species in degraded areas. The group also develops methods for environmental monitoring, with evaluations both of biodiversity and ecosystem functions. The results contribute to a better comprehension of the functioning of riparian ecosystems, contributing to the conservation, monitoring, and restoration of these ecosystems.

The research group is based at the Department of Environmental Sciences of the Federal University of São Carlos, SE Brazil, contributing to the formation of students at the undergraduate level, mainly from the Bachelor in Environmental Analysis and Management, and at the graduate level mainly from the Graduate Program in Environmental Sciences.